About Rudy Hernandez

Rudy Hernandez is the founder of F.C. Financial and the host of the Safe Money and Income for Life Radio Show. During the past ten years, he has obtained hundreds of clients from the radio show. His radio show received an award as one of the top 100 radio shows in the US in 2014. He has assisted his clients for over 22 yrs with tax-advantaged retirement planning that both preserves and grows his client’s retirement accounts. This strategy of preservation and growth has enabled his clients to enjoy their retirement without the worry of losing money or running out of money during their retirement years. He also specializes in creating lifetime guaranteed income planning that provides a lifetime income that can supplement social security and pension income.

Rudy works individually with each of his clients. Not one of his clients has ever lost a penny during a Stock Market crash—but, they have enjoyed receiving gains from the Stock Market in years when the Stock has increased in value.

He and his wife Susan have been married for 42 years and have two daughters. Rudy has also served as a Board Member for several community and national non-profit organizations. Rudy is a graduate of Texas State University.

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